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Li Hao
Senior Lawyer
Labor disputes
Rich experience in corporate governance, contracts, and foreign affairs.

Li Hao, graduated from Wuhan University and got her Master’s Degree in Criminal Law. Prior to that she graduated from Ocean University of China and got her Bachelor’s Degree in Law. Hao is good at handling civil and commercial affairs, especially affairs of company’s establishment and sales contract disputes, foreign investment, labor disputes between foreign teachers and Chinese training schools.

Area of Expertise

Civil and commercial affairs

Company and Contract Foreign investment

Labor disputes


Master's degree: Wuhan University, Major: Criminal Law;
Bachelor's degree: Ocean University of China, Major: Law

Skills & Endorsements

Civil and commercial law, Company and contract, Foreign investment, Labor disputes, Legal advice,  Commercial litigation,  Litigation, Corporate governance, Negotiations, Dispute resolution,etc.

Honor & Award

Member of All-China Lawyers Association


Mobile Phone: 18186052225

Email: hbzeglh5@126.com

Wechat: hao430