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Transnational Marriage and Divorce Case
Chinese nationality German nationality divorce
Lawyer: Yin, Qing
Rachel (Chinese nationality) and Thomas (German nationality) met in Beijing in February 2015, established a relationship and registered for marriage in Germany on May 2, 2016. After marriage, they went to Beijing together. At first, their marriage was very sweet. However, with the deepening of the communication between the two families, there was a great conflict between their cultures, which eventually led to the breakup of their feelings and the beginning of their separation. In December 2018, they discussed the divorce and hoped to go through the divorce formalities as soon as possible. As the two people work in Beijing, and the divorce formalities in Germany are more complex, they hope to solve this issue in Beijing, so they contacted us.
According to the Law in China, their marriage can be terminated through a litigation in Beijing because the two persons are registered in Germany and live together in Beijing after marriage. Specifically,one of them sues the other (involving the need for notarial certification of foreign documents), after the court accepts the case and determines the acceptance officer, we can contact the acceptance officer to reach a mediation agreement, and the court will issue a civil mediation letter after ascertaining the case.