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A three-and-a-half-year divorce retrial
divorce retrial

Lawyer: Wang, Yaling

"Having millions of assets, you want me leaving with nothing”

- A three-and-a-half-year divorce retrial

 [Case Introduction]

Ms. Li is a good girl at home, she had a good job after graduating from college. She married with her first love Mr. Wang. After a few years, the family got several new houses due to the demolition of the old house. The life of the couple were getting better.

But an unexpected pregnancy broke the peace life. Ms. Li was pregnant without any preparation, and the result was an ectopic pregnancy. This pregnancy caused Ms. Li’s body to be seriously injured, and she was unable to get pregnant again in two years. But she did not get the care and understanding from her husband. On the contrary, Mr. Wang and his family have already quietly prepared for the transfer of property.

One winter, Ms. Li suddenly received a phone call from the court, said that her husband, Mr. Wang had filed a lawsuit for divorce. Ms. Li initially thought it was a fraudulent phone call, and she did not realize that it was true until she actually received a court summons. On the day of the trial, the claim that the husband who loved her forever had been divorced and had no joint property in the marriage. Her husband wanted she leave the home without any property. Under court investigation, Ms. Li found that the demolition agreement was modified. The company was no longer in the husband’s name, and the balance of the deposit was almost zero. It turned out that the husband and his parents thought that Lee might have no fertility and was ready for divorce.

The first-instance judgment that a woman with no precautions waited for was a net out of the house. She was desperate and angry, but still need to face this cold judgment. The appeal is her only hope. Ms. Li entrusted Ding, a lawyer of Hubei Pride and Bright Law Firm, to represent herself in this case.

[Case Process]

In the agent's agent process, Lawyer Ding found that the other party had been fully prepared before the prosecution, and also had a very professional lawyer. On the surface, there are almost no loopholes. But there will be loopholes in perfect preparation. First of all, it is the demolition and reconstruction agreement, there is a seal, and everything is perfect, but the details determine success or failure. Lawyer Ding took the cellophane against the sample of the neighbor contract provided by Ms. Li and found that the line spacing was very different, and the paper texture was different. Therefore, the contract provided by Mr. Wang is probably not a true format contract. Secondly, Ding found that Wang’s transferee was also surnamed Wang. Through investigation, he was an uncle of Wang, and the economic situation could not take over the company. Although the balance of the deposit is almost zero, there are traces of wealth management products such as Alipay. In the second instance, Ding passed the details and finally the case was sent back for retrial.  

[Trial result]

After being sent back to the retrial, after the efforts of the collegiate bench and Ding, the divorce case with four judgments and three and a half years has finally come to an end. Ms. Li also obtained the legitimate interests she should receive.